House of Vacuums
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House of Vacuums is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Lynchburg, Virginia since 1999. Started from the ground up, we have become the premier floorcare retailer in the region for both sales and service.

We are proud to bring quality products and services to the community we love. We don't just sell these products, we believe in them and use them in our own homes. We want to see every customer satisfied with their experience, whether it is buying something as big as a vacuum or as small as a rubber belt.


Matt Douglas - Owner/Principal
Jen Douglas   - Co-Owner/Marketing
Rex Douglas  - General Manager

Core Values

  1. Act Ethically
    We are committed to the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. We are humans and we know that we will make mistakes. However, we work to keep those to a minimum and take ownership of said mistakes when they occur.

  2. Promote Community
    Lynchburg is our home and we love the city and its residents. It doesn’t matter what part of town you live in, your background, your lifestyle, your religion or your politics. We are here to serve you as part of the community in which we have chosen to live. We strive to treat everyone with the same level of respect and dignity.

  3. Act Responsibly
    We believe we have an obligation to care for the environment in which we live, particularly in Region2000. For the last 20 years we have seen the amount of waste increase exponentially in our industry as machines are made cheaper and cheaper and are then thrown away more quickly. We only carry machines that will last a reasonable amount of time to cut down on this waste. We are also committed to recycling our cardboard packaging, steel, copper, aluminum and any other items we can from waste vacuums.

  4. Give Generously
    There is an abundance of need in the United States today. We believe it is incumbent on us to reinvest in the success of our own community. We partner throughout the year with the following charities and would ask that you consider doing the same:

    • The Motherhood Collective

    • Miriam’s House

    • Centra Foundation

  5. Source Ethically
    While it is impossible to avoid all products made in oppressed areas of the world, House of Vacuums is committed to sourcing as much product as possible from first-world countries that value human rights and democracy.

    • United States:
      Riccar, Simplicity, Modern Day, Powr-Flite, Mosquito, Carpet Details, KnockOut, Wool Shop, Fragrant Scent.

    • Germany:
      Miele, Sebo, Domel, WesselWerk.

    • Switzerland:

    • Italy & Hungary:
      Lindhaus (Stealth), Domel.

    • Canada:

    While it is necessary for us to carry some products made elsewhere, we go to great lengths to avoid products made in countries that are know for their human rights and labor law violations like child labor. We encourage our customers to remain aware of where their products come from, not for political reasons, but to fight human exploitation.