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Estimates are always free. However, we do take a refundable $30 deposit when you drop off the machine. When we give you your estimate, one of the following will happen to your deposit:

  • If you approve the estimate, the $30 will be applied to the cost of the repair.

  • If you deny the estimate, the $30 will be refunded to you when you pick up your machine.

  • If you approve or deny the the repair and do not pick it up within 30 days, the vacuum will be disposed of and the $30 deposit will be kept as a disposal fee.

Unfortunately, in today’s environment many people are purchasing disposable vacuums. It is a too common occurrence that ultra-inexpensive vacuums are not worth fixing and get abandoned at our shop. Proper and safe disposal of these machines has proven to become a financial burden. We have opted for the deposit system in lieu of either raising our repair rates or charging for estimates to compensate for the disposal costs. Our recommendation for yourself, us and the environment would be to buy a vacuum that lasts!

Repair Guarantee:

House of Vacuums guarantees repairs for 30 days starting the day it is picked up. For vacuums that have been serviced, the guarantee applies to all labor and/or new parts that were installed. If your vacuum is not fully serviced, the guarantee only extends to parts with the exception of consumables like belts, bags and filters.

Courtesy Vacuums:

We have a fleet of vacuums that are offered no-charge to our residential repair customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may be surprised how much your old vacuum was missing on the floor when you use the loaner! Our fleet is kept clean and dust free and includes:

  • 4 Riccar R10CV - The cordless, 9 pound vac that cleans like a full-size.

  • 2 Riccar Brilliance R30D - One of the best cleaning vacuums in the industry.

  • 2 Riccar R10S - The most power ultralight upright on the market.

A Service Includes:

  • A full diagnostic of the machine.

  • Cleaning dust and debris from the motor and bag chamber/dirt cup.

  • Cleaning and lubing the brushroll as applicable.

  • Washing parts and removing mud and grease as applicable.

  • Adjust clutch, bag light, etc. as applicable.

  • Checking suction, airflow and cleaning performance before & after service.

  • Inspect and lubricate seals as necessary.

  • A new bag and belt (only sold as packs, the extras you keep).

  • Check filters.

  • Test - 30 Day Guarantee.

Why Service Your Vacuum?

  • As vacuums age, dirt, hair and other debris will wrap around your brushroll, clog your filters and stretch your rubber belt. This will result in a drop in cleaning power within 12 months of ownership regardless of whether the manufacturer claims the vacuum won’t lose suction.

  • Servicing regularly will assure that your vacuum is constantly cleaning your home at maximum power with maximum efficiency.

  • We recommend a maintenance schedule of 12-18 months depending on how heavily it is used. If you have a shedding pet, children/spouses with long hair, or have allergies it is recommended to service it a minimum of every 12 months.